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Q: What kinds of products do you offer?
A:we provided parts are mainly related to your plant machine.
Q: What kind of materials are you familiar with?
A: We are familiar with carbon steel, alloy steel, standard wearing plate, high material steel, high
chrome steel, casting iron, and bronze.We have begun to research ceramic insert material technology.
Q: What’s the maximum single weight that can be casted? What is your processing capacity per day ?
A: The single weight that can be casted at one time is 13 metric tons. The capacity is 80 tons per working day.
Q: What information do we need to provide to you in order to confirm our parts order?
A: We work with technical drawings for any non-standard products. If the order is for standard parts, you only have to provide us with the part number so we may define the parts of the order.
Q: May we visit the factory?
A: Yes, you can visit the factory during working days and our sales team would he happy to assist you.
Q: Except for your products, do you offer some other services or new business opportunities?
A: Yes, we provide lots of service to you as you can see on our service. we have lot of new ideas for working with you and keeping your business moving forward.